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Articles for Parents

Nannies and Summertime: What Changes for Full-Time Nannies?

This time of year I get questions from employers of full-time nannies about how things change during the summertime. Here are the answers! Hourly Rate One question that often comes up is how does … [Read More...]


A Fun Way to Teach Kids Good Sportsmanship

Every parent wants to teach their child to be a good sportsman. (Or sportswoman!) We want our kids to enjoy the competition of sports and games but we also want them to be able to genuinely enjoy the … [Read More...]

Articles for Nannies

Top Ten Reasons You Should Take the Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification training

1. As a nanny, you’re solely responsible for developing your own discipline philosophy and approach. There’s not a classroom management textbook or policies and procedures manual to refer to when … [Read More...]

IRS opt

10 Essential Tax Lessons Every Nanny Needs to Know

Every year in January, I field a lot of tax questions from nannies. Even though the caregivers change from year to year, the questions pretty much stay the same. So I’ve put together this list of the … [Read More...]

Articles for Agencies

Agency Lunch and Learn Series

This new series is designed for agencies who want to offer their clients the very best client support and services. You know your ability to communicate your mission, your values, and your expertise is the key to your success.  So for an hour each month, join me and learn new strategies to help you better […]

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