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I’ve been referring clients to Homework Solutions for years because they offer popular service plan choices, competitive pricing and top notch customer service. They are also very active in the nanny community and support quality care in many real world ways. If you’re looking for a partner to help you with your nanny taxes, check them out. Say you were referred by Lora Brawley or Nanny Biz Reviews and get a free initial tax account set up: a $100 value! You don’t need to register for any of their paid services to take advantage of this great offer. That package includes

a free phone consultation where you can get ALL your nanny tax questions answered by experts.
a free payroll analysis that will tell you what your tax obligation and your nanny’s payroll deductions will be.
free registration with taxing authorities to establish employer accounts. This means you don’t have to wade through a lot of confusing tax paperwork.
free New Hire Reporting, a legal requirement of all U.S. employers. Another paperwork hassle you don’t have to deal with.

Apart from above solution homework solutions is a renowned brand for paying nannies and senior caretakers, since 1993 they are in the field of household payroll services. You can spend time with your family and the homework solution will take all the hassle of paying your nanny and pay your taxes as well. Crypto CFD Trader will give you the full review of the homework solutions. 

Disclosure: I recently joined their referral program but that isn’t the reason I recommend them. I turn down more referral programs than I join by a long shot. I recommend Homework Solutions because they’re one of only two full service tax companies that I trust enough to send my clients to.
President Kathleen Webb
year business started 1993
address 2 Pidgeon HIll Dr. Sterling, VA 20165
main phone number 800-626-4829
main email membersvc@4nannytaxes.com
website http://www.4nannytaxes.com
New Client Intake Marcia Scogin, helping new employers set up their nanny payroll 703 404-8151 membersvc@4nannytaxes.com
Nanny Payroll Specialist Angel Myers, manages the payroll department 703 404-8151 payroll@4nannytaxes.com
services offered HomeWork Solutions Inc. provides three service levels for household employers for nanny tax compliance. We uniquely provide BOTH a full nanny payroll and tax service, as well as “after-the-fact” tax reporting / remittance services to assist household employers who wish to pay their nanny by personal check. Click for an overview.NaniPay: Premium, full service payroll and tax reporting, including direct deposit of nanny weekly or bi-weekly payroll. The most popular option for nannies, you never need to remind your employer that it is pay day again! HWS will draft employer bank account for the periodic payroll and taxes, make direct deposit into the nanny’s bank account or cash card, and make all tax filings and remittances on the employer’s behalf when due.NaniTax Plus: Premium after-the-fact payroll tax reporting and remittance service. Employers pay the nanny directly. Individual nanny payrolls are calculated and stored by the employer online, and reported to HWS at the end of the calendar quarter. HWS then calculates tax liabilities, drafts employer bank account for total liabilities, and makes all tax filings and remittances on the employer’s behalf.NaniTax: Employer writes all paychecks. Individual nanny payrolls are calculated and stored by the employer online, and reported to HWS at the end of the calendar quarter. HWS will then calculate tax liabilities, prepare necessary tax returns or online filing instructions and provide to the employer. Employer is responsible to make all filings and tax remittances directly. All services include employee W-2 at year end, and HWS will generate a facsimile Form 1040 Schedule H for inclusion in the employer’s personal Federal Income Tax return.
prices / fees Please visit the HomeWork Solutions website for service pricing and fees. HomeWork Solutions publishes all current fee and services information online.
staff experience We are blessed with an exceptional staff who provide personalized professional service to our client base. See the HomeWork Solutions’ support staff’s profiles.
blog 4nannytaxes blog
twitter 4NannyTaxes
facebook 4nannytaxes fan page
LinkedIn Kathy Webb

We’re proud members of Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, American Payroll Association, and Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.
HomeWork Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of nanny payroll and nanny tax compliance services. We simplify nanny tax compliance for families.
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Charles says:
July 6, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Wonderful service staffed by nice people who enjoy dealing professionally with all-too-often less-than-thrilling payroll taxes. 4NannyTaxes provides a cost-effective service which delivers perfectly prepared forms every time and peace of mind with a smile — I’ve come to realize, founder Kathy Webb’s smile which imbues all they do. That remains as true today as it was when they were referred to us and we started using them in 1995. Thank you.
NannyS says:
July 5, 2011 at 7:17 pm

4NannyTaxes has always supported excellence in nanny care. They support nannies, agencies and parents to make the whole process easier and manageable. Kathy Webb is always available to answer questions, give advice and engage with her customers and the whole nanny community. This is the kind of person you want to do business with!!


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