Do You Have To Pay For Your Facebook Fans To See Your Posts Now?

Recently two things have happened over at facebook, they went public and they rolled out the new Promote button. I have no idea if the timing was a coincidence or some huge facebook plan. But since we never get a choice on facebook, does it really matter? (Can you tell I’m still bitter about being forced to use the new timeline?)

What I do care about is getting my posts out to my fans so this new Promote button caught my attention. The chatter was that you now had to pay for your fans to see your posts. Then it was that your fans would see your posts if they clicked “show in news feed” option. Then it was even if they choose for your posts to show up in their news feed, they were only going to get some of your posts. I was confused to say the least. This morning a great blog, The Modern Tog, came to my rescue with an article that detailed how it all works in “I’m pretty clueless about facebook” lauguage. I wanted to share it with my agency friends because it’s important to you too. If you’re on facebook and want to be even a little effective, make sure you read this. Some facebook changes don’t affect small businesses much. This one affects us a lot. Especially if you use facebook to announce your jobs.

The one thing the article doesn’t talk about is how to get people to opt into your feed. Ask your fans to visit your fan page, hover over the LIKE button and make sure “show in news feed” in clicked. I’m not sure how much taking this action will affect how many of your posts they get in your feed, but it couldn’t hurt.



  1. I think it is NUTZ for Facebook to be charging a fee to promote posts. Sites like can get your Facebook page or profile ranked in search engines for FREE for lasting links to your content.

  2. Great post Lora! Thank you for your guidance and insight.

  3. i dont like the new time line on facebook i like our other one!!!!! when we get in the middle of peoples timeline it jumps and goes stright to the top! it also slows peoples computer down. please change the timeline back to what it was before. we dont like it and i bet half of facebookers doesnt like it either!

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