Nannypalooza Extended Session Distinguishing Yourself As A Childcare Professional How To Share Your Expertise In The Interview And On The Job Sunday, October 14th from 1 to 4 PM

In our society, nannies aren’t automatically given the title of childcare professional. While most parents trust their nanny to do a great job, they don’t usually recognize her as the expert she is. Instead, parents turn to other sources. They hire a baby whisperer to help them get their 10 month old to sleep through the night. They ask the preschool teacher how to encourage their 4 year old to be responsible with his toys. They enroll their second grader in a class focused on effective study skills. All the while not recognizing that their nanny has the experience, training and know-how to guide them through those and so many other challenges.

If those scenarios sound way too familiar to you and you want to learn how to confidently talk about your ideas, make suggestions and share resources in a way that parents positively respond to, then this extended session is for you.

In this training you’ll learn a step-by-step process that will help you concretely DEFINE your vision, approach and expertise; RENFORCE your role as a childcare professional and successfully COMMUNICATE your ideas during the interview process and within the employment relationship.

We’ll focus on three key actions.

DEFINE Using a user-friendly framework, you’ll translate your caregiving philosophy, values and vision into a nanny mission statement. This clear, concise, heartfelt statement is the perfect tool to share your commitment and expertise during your job search and throughout your career.

RENFORCE You’ll learn how to weave key words, phrases and ideas into a variety of communicate avenues – your portfolio, face-to-face interviews, daily check-ins, family meetings and performance reviews – to highlight your real world know-how. This subtle yet powerful strategy makes (and keeps!) employers aware of all that you bring to the table.

COMMUNICATE You’ll learn how to weigh in as an expert in a non-confrontational, conversational way that makes parents fall in love with you during the interview and creates a comfortable, collaborative relationship once you’re on the job.

Through a series of small and large group exercises you’ll observe and participate in real world scenarios and identify ways to integrate the information presented into your particular situation.

Whether you’re a first time nanny or you have years of experience under your belt, this interactive session will help you:

• clarify and articulate what you believe and who you are as a nanny in a way that parents can easily understand and relate to. This is the foundation of your professional identity and expertise and will help you land a great position and be successful over the long haul.

• understand the image you’re currently projecting and what messages you’re sending to employers.

• define (or redefine) yourself as a capable, competent, resourceful childcare professional.

You’ll also develop new, effective ways of communicating with your employers around child-related issues and challenges so they can better:

• appreciate the value of your experience and training.

• understand how the small things you do every day directly impact the healthy physical, social, emotional and educational development of their child.

• support you in your discipline decisions and approach.

• recognize your expertise in developing real world solutions to behavior issues and ages and stages challenges.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to take your career to the next level. You’ll leave Nannypalooza with a tangible nanny mission statement, more confidence in your role as a childcare professional and a new skill set to help you comfortably share your expertise with your employers.

This extended session includes:

• pre-session assessment tools to help you identify and clarify your caregiving philosophy, values and vision for the nanny mission statement exercise.

• detailed handout outlining the session information.

• 2 follow-up webinars (dates and times voted on by attendees at the session) to give you the chance to ask follow-up questions, get conversation scripting ideas for your particular situation and practice and reinforce the skills learned in session.

• certification of completion.

Cost: $25 early bird registration, by Sunday, September 9th

$35 regular registration, between September 10th and Sunday, October 7th

$45 late registration, on site, cash or check only

The session price DOES NOT INCLUDE LUNCH. Because there’s only 30 minutes between the end of the conference and this extended session, I will be pre-ordering lunches off the menu at the hotel’s sports bar/restaurant so they’ll be ready for us at 12:30. They have a wide variety of reasonably priced sandwiches, wraps and specialty salads. I’ll take orders Saturday of the conference. I’m not opting for a hotel catered lunch because of the high cost. You also have the option of lunch on your own.

NOTE: You can pay using your Pay Pal account or your debit / credit card. To use your debit / credit card simply choose the box that says you don’t have a Pay Pal account.