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To nominate a nanny for the SPARK Award, just complete the short form below. The nominated nanny will receive an email letting her know she’s been nominated and inviting her to complete the nominee submission form and submit the necessary supporting materials. Click here view the eligibility requirements.

Anyone from employer, friends or family can send the nomination of a nanny to the spark award. for sending the nomination the nanny must be currently working as a nanny, she can becare giver, child care specialist or a governess. To get selected for the award she should be achiever who has enriched children living with her care. One can send a nomination for an experienced nanny to new nanny. The only criteria to get selected for the award is she should be extraordinary at her work and should have a positive and encouraging attitude. The nanny will be selected by online voting and selection committee. The winner nanny will be honored at local nanny training center.  The winner will get gifts and cash prize. I repeat again anyone can nominate a nanny including the nanny herself, the only thing you have to do is just fill in the online nomination form with all the details before the last date of submission of the form. let us not forget how much hard work a nanny does to bring up a child. She does an equal hard work like a mother, so we must appreciate their work and honor them. Click on Crypto VIP Club to learn more about the award.   

Nanny Biz Reviews includes your name in the letter sent to your nominee. However we do not share your name publicly. Confidentiality allows agencies and nannies who know many caregivers to nominate their top picks without others feeling slighted. However we don’t limit your nominee’s ability to share your name with others so if you want to remain anonymous, please contact your nominee directly.

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