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The SPARK Awards for Excellence In Nanny Care celebrating everyday nannies doing extraordinary work

Nanny Biz Reviews is proud to present the first annual SPARK Awards for Excellence In Nanny Care. The SPARK Awards celebrate everyday nannies doing extraordinary work to support parents, care for children and strengthen families. Each of the two award categories, Enthusiastic Newcomer and Seasoned Veteran, showcase individual excellence in nanny care demonstrated by exceptional childcare, impactful work, and a positive, encouraging attitude.

The winners will be chosen through a combination of online public voting and a selection committee. They will be honored at their local National Nanny Training Day event on Saturday, April 20th, 2013. Each SPARK Award winner will receive a gift package including a cash prize.

Select Association of Premier Nanny Agencies members have generously come together to be the collective sponsor of the 2013 SPARK Awards. APNA’s commitment to exceptional client service and quality nanny care are the perfect companion to the mission of the SPARK Awards.


nominate a nanny

confirm your nomination

complete your nominee submission application

upload your submission video

check out the great prizes

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view all the APNA agency sponsors

help spread the word about the SPARK Awards

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You are here: Home / SPARK Award FAQ SPARK Award FAQ Search the FAQs

Use the form below to search the FAQs
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What are the eligibility requirements for the Enthusiastic Newcomer SPARK award?

At the time of entry, the nanny must:

• be legally allowed to work in the United States.

• be classified as a household employee and paid according to current tax law.

• be currently working in a full-time nanny position.

• have at least 2 years of full-time nanny experience.

• have at least 1 verifiable nanny reference.

• have 1 additional verifiable childcare reference letter.
What information do I need to complete the submission form?

You’ll need to provide or upload:

1. your complete contact information

2. the details of your work history including the dates of employment, a short description of your duties and the contact information of your current and past employers

3. required letters of reference in PDF or JPEG

4. video entry
What are the eligibility requirements for the Seasoned Veteran SPARK Award?

At the time of entry, the nanny must be:

• be legally allowed to work in the United States.

• be classified as a household employee and paid according to current tax law.

• be currently working in a full-time nanny position.

• have at least 10 years of full-time nanny experience.

• have at least 3 nanny reference letters.

How do I convert my reference letters into PDF or JPEG form?

If your letters are in paper form, you’ll need to scan them into a computer file and save them in PDF or JPEG format. If you don’t have a scanner at home, most office supply stories like Staples or Office Max provide very inexpensive scanning services. Once you have the letters in a digital file format, make sure you can upload them from the computer you’ll be using to complete the submission application.
What is the SPARK Award for Excellence in Nanny Care?

The SPARK Award celebrates everyday nannies doing extraordinary work to support parents, care for children and strengthen families. The two award categories, Enthusiastic Newcomer and Seasoned Veteran, showcases individual excellence in nanny care demonstrated by exceptional childcare, impactful work, and a positive, encouraging attitude.
Who created the SPARK Award?

The SPARK Award was created and is coordinated by Lora Brawley, owner of, and; and creator of National Nanny Training Day. You can read her full bio here.
What does SPARK stand for?

Of course the most important part of being an excellent nanny is providing excellent childcare. On top of that, there are characteristics that all successful nannies share and SPARK outlines those things. A nanny with SPARK:

Spark celebrates nannies doing extraordinary work not only in the field of childcare but also to support new mother and strengthening the family bonds. Spark awards nannies who are doing impactful work and has a positive impactful attitude. An employer or an agency representative or a friend can fill in the form and upload to nominate a nannyclick here to Learn even more here

has a Service-minded or “How can I help?” outlook.

acts in a Professional way.

has a positive Attitude about herself, her job, and her role as a nanny.

is Resourceful and knows where to go for information, ideas and support.

is Knowledgeable and understands how to foster a child’s healthy development.
What are the categories of the SPARK Awards?

There are two categories: the Enthusiastic Newcomer and the Seasoned Veteran. Although each category highlights a nanny with a different experience level, both categories showcase individual excellence in nanny care demonstrated by exceptional childcare, impactful work, and a positive, encouraging attitude.
I have someone I want to nominate but I’m afraid she’ll be intimated or overwhelmed by the process. Is there help available?

Yes! I don’t want anyone excluded from the SPARK Award because of a language barrier, the technical requirements or any other reason. Please contact me directly at with your concerns and I will do my best to connect you to the people and resources that can help guide your nominee through the process.
How do I make my video entry?

Check back soon for a tutorial on how to record and upload your video.
Who can nominate a nanny?

Anyone! A nanny can be nominated by her employer, her agency, another nanny, a friend, family member, or anyone who thinks she’s an excellent caregiver and deserves recognition. A nanny can even nominate herself.
Can I nominate more than one nanny?

Absolutely! I encourage you to nominate as many deserving nannies as you know that meet the eligibility requirements. Of course there can one be one winner in each category but each nominated nanny will receive recognition for being a nominee and will feel appreciated and honored to be in the company of great caregivers.
How are the winners chosen?

The winners will be chosen through a 50/50 combination of public voting and a selection committee.

All nominees will submit a video that will be added to the online SPARK Award video showcase. Viewers can vote for their favorite nominees through the Nanny Biz Reviews’ facebook page.

At the close of the voting period, the two nominees in each category with the most votes will become finalists. The selection committee will choose a third “wild card” finalist in each category.

The vote tally for each nominee will be converted into a score which will count for 50% of the nominee’s total score.

Each member of the selection committee will score each nominee and those committee scores will count for the other 50% of the nominee’s total score.

The nominee with the highest total score in each category will be the winner.

How many times can I vote?

You can vote up to 5 times.
Who’s allowed to vote on the videos?

Everyone! The more people that vote, the more people who see what excellent nanny care looks like in the real world.
Can I vote for the same nominee more than once?

Yes. But even if you have a favorite I encourage you to watch a few of the other videos. You might find another caregiver you’re equally impressed with!

Nannypalooza Extended Session Distinguishing Yourself As A Childcare Professional How To Share Your Expertise In The Interview And On The Job Sunday, October 14th from 1 to 4 PM

In our society, nannies aren’t automatically given the title of childcare professional. While most parents trust their nanny to do a great job, they don’t usually recognize her as the expert she is. Instead, parents turn to other sources. They hire a baby whisperer to help them get their 10 month old to sleep through the night. They ask the preschool teacher how to encourage their 4 year old to be responsible with his toys. They enroll their second grader in a class focused on effective study skills. All the while not recognizing that their nanny has the experience, training and know-how to guide them through those and so many other challenges.

If those scenarios sound way too familiar to you and you want to learn how to confidently talk about your ideas, make suggestions and share resources in a way that parents positively respond to, then this extended session is for you.

In this training you’ll learn a step-by-step process that will help you concretely DEFINE your vision, approach and expertise; RENFORCE your role as a childcare professional and successfully COMMUNICATE your ideas during the interview process and within the employment relationship.

We’ll focus on three key actions.

DEFINE Using a user-friendly framework, you’ll translate your caregiving philosophy, values and vision into a nanny mission statement. This clear, concise, heartfelt statement is the perfect tool to share your commitment and expertise during your job search and throughout your career.

RENFORCE You’ll learn how to weave key words, phrases and ideas into a variety of communicate avenues – your portfolio, face-to-face interviews, daily check-ins, family meetings and performance reviews – to highlight your real world know-how. This subtle yet powerful strategy makes (and keeps!) employers aware of all that you bring to the table.

COMMUNICATE You’ll learn how to weigh in as an expert in a non-confrontational, conversational way that makes parents fall in love with you during the interview and creates a comfortable, collaborative relationship once you’re on the job.

Through a series of small and large group exercises you’ll observe and participate in real world scenarios and identify ways to integrate the information presented into your particular situation.

Whether you’re a first time nanny or you have years of experience under your belt, this interactive session will help you:

• clarify and articulate what you believe and who you are as a nanny in a way that parents can easily understand and relate to. This is the foundation of your professional identity and expertise and will help you land a great position and be successful over the long haul.

• understand the image you’re currently projecting and what messages you’re sending to employers.

• define (or redefine) yourself as a capable, competent, resourceful childcare professional.

You’ll also develop new, effective ways of communicating with your employers around child-related issues and challenges so they can better:

• appreciate the value of your experience and training.

• understand how the small things you do every day directly impact the healthy physical, social, emotional and educational development of their child.

• support you in your discipline decisions and approach.

• recognize your expertise in developing real world solutions to behavior issues and ages and stages challenges.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to take your career to the next level. You’ll leave Nannypalooza with a tangible nanny mission statement, more confidence in your role as a childcare professional and a new skill set to help you comfortably share your expertise with your employers.

This extended session includes:

• pre-session assessment tools to help you identify and clarify your caregiving philosophy, values and vision for the nanny mission statement exercise.

• detailed handout outlining the session information.

• 2 follow-up webinars (dates and times voted on by attendees at the session) to give you the chance to ask follow-up questions, get conversation scripting ideas for your particular situation and practice and reinforce the skills learned in session.

• certification of completion.

Cost: $25 early bird registration, by Sunday, September 9th

$35 regular registration, between September 10th and Sunday, October 7th

$45 late registration, on site, cash or check only

The session price DOES NOT INCLUDE LUNCH. Because there’s only 30 minutes between the end of the conference and this extended session, I will be pre-ordering lunches off the menu at the hotel’s sports bar/restaurant so they’ll be ready for us at 12:30. They have a wide variety of reasonably priced sandwiches, wraps and specialty salads. I’ll take orders Saturday of the conference. I’m not opting for a hotel catered lunch because of the high cost. You also have the option of lunch on your own.

NOTE: You can pay using your Pay Pal account or your debit / credit card. To use your debit / credit card simply choose the box that says you don’t have a Pay Pal account.

National Nanny Training Day

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 Nanny Biz Reviews is excited to sponsor National Nanny Training Day. (Check out the post that started it all.) This event will bring together nanny-related businesses and organizations in cities across the country to provide quality nanny training opportunities to local nannies. Why is this so important? Because training and education of caregivers is one of the most important factors associated with the quality of the child care they provide.

And don’t forget to check out the businesses who are donating goodie bag products and raffle prizes to all the events!


Win A Full Ride To Nannypalooza 2012!
prize package includes registration, hotel, transportation*, all meals & gift basket
generously dontaed by

If you’re attending a National Nanny Training Day
event anywhere in the US, you qualify to win. 
Find An Event Near You  
   A Caring Nanny  
Los Angeles
Westside Nannies  
San Francisco
Stanford Park Nannies  
 San Francisco
Westside Nannies  
ABC Nannies  
Loving Arms Orlando  
  Loving Arms  
Metro Atlanta Nannies
  A Friend of the Family, partner agency
  Cuddlebugs, partner agency
  Southern Sitters and Nannies, partner agency
 Atlanta a
A+ Nannies of Atlanta  
First Class Care
Boston’s Best Babysitters
Michigan Professional Nanny Association
St. Louis
TLC for Kids
Las Vegas
Nannies and Housekeepers USA
New York
A New England Nanny  
Beth Lehman, nanny  
  Smart Sitting, sponsoring agency
North Carolina
Triangle Area Nanny Group, TANG  
  Carolina Nanny  
South Carolina
Hilton Head
Hilton Head Nannies
Alexandria School  
  Co-Sponsor, Philadelphia Nanny Network
Mom’s Best Friend  
Morningside Nannies  
 aaa a
Mom’s Best Friend  
Northwest Nanny Association  
Washington, DC
Association of DC Area Nannies, ADCAN  
click for waiting list
  Nannytainment / N. VA Nannies, Mannies and More  
Nannies On Call
Nannies On Call
Nannies On Call
Association of Caregiver and Nanny Agencies Canada

winter 2012 free webinar series

I’m excited to announce that Nanny Biz Reviews and are teaming up to bring the nanny community a series of great childcare and professional development online training opportunities.

All live webinars are FREE with a quick registration. Just click on the link under the event description. If you want to register for more than one session, click here.

Can’t make the date? You can get the replay for only five bucks.

Creating a Home Learning Environment with Sue Downey

Here are some good ideas about how to approach your day to create a true learning environment in the home. There will be some theory and talk of approach but also a bunch of great, inexpensive or free ideas for activities that can be adapted to work with all ages.

In our nanny training programme, the course is designed for new professionals and the experienced professionals as well. After completing the training the nannies will be able to successfully handle all new challenges they will face in their job and they will understand all the unique aspects of childcare. To know more about the training programme click on the link Semantic Investment App 

Get the replay for only $5. Make sure you click on “return to Brawley and Associates website” on confirmation page to get full replay instructions.

Agency Panel with Lora Brawley
Listen to Daryl Camarillo of Stanford Park Nannies and APNA, Marissa McCrory of Cloud 9 Nanny and Marsha Epstein of American Nanny Company answer your questions on how to best use an agency, if and when to talk about sensitive, personal topics, why agencies accept families that don’t play taxes, and lots of other questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the inside scoop from 3 different agency perspectives.

Get the replay for only $5. Make sure you click on “return to Brawley and Associates website” on the confirmation page to get the full replay instructions.

Sunday, March 11th @ 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Infant to Toddler- the Incredible Journey with Deborah Brown, hosted by Sue Downey

In this webinar we will discuss and offer solutions and ideas for that tough period of 10-15 months as babies become walkers. This part of life is full of transitions including changes in feeding, sleeping, communicating and more. As toddlers require a different approach than infants, it is important to address these changes and be armed with ideas to make the transitions as seamless as possible.
click here to register for the LIVE event

Sunday, April 15th @ 6:00 PM Pacific Time

Let’s Talk About Money: How to Negotiate a Great Salary, Ask for a Raise and Other Tough Money Conversations with Lora Brawley

It’s scary to talk about money with employers. Especially when you’re trying to get them to hire you or give you a raise. But if you don’t talk about it, you’ll end up kicking yourself every payday because you’re earning less money than you need. Or than you’re worth.

If you want to make more money in your next job, or the one you have now, it’s time to learn how to talk about it. This webinar will teach you how to…

• push through your fear and bring up the subject in an interview or during a performance review

• confidently ask for what you want

• use a proven selling technique to show parents why you’re worth every penny

• overcome the “everyone else is cheaper” and “we can’t afford it” arguments
click here to register for the LIVE event

Sunday, May 20th @ 7:00 PM Eastern Time

The Toughest Challenges of Ages and Stages with Sue Downey and Lora Brawley

Join us for this unique resource packed webinar. We’ll tackle the top challenges for each age group and offer a variety of approaches and follow-up resources. We’ll cover infants, toddlers, preschoolers, young school-age plus tweens and teens.
click here to register for the LIVE event

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the right choice starts with the right information

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Breedlove & Associates
Average Ratings (from 1 ratings)
Overall Rating Not Rated
expertise Not Rated
service Not Rated
useability Not Rated
integrity Not Rated
value Not Rated

Return to tax service page.
Partner Tom Breedlove
year business started 1992
address 3711 S. MoPac Expwy.
Bldg. 1, Suite 250
Austin, TX 78746
main phone number (888) BREEDLOVE (273-3356)
main email
new employer orientation Carolyn Livingston
(888) 273-3356
services offered We offer:

initial set-up as nanny employer
calculating and managing of nanny payroll
preparing and filing returns and end-of-year returns
email and phone support

Free phone consultations to provide individualized assessment and guidance on all of the local, state and federal laws that will apply to their employment situation.

Our no-work, no-worry service handles ALL obligations for families and guarantees accuracy and timeliness.

All paystubs and tax returns are archived online for 24/7 access.
prices / fees $100 one-time setup fee
$175 per calendar quarter ($200 per quarter for Direct Deposit)
$75 fee for year-end tax packet
staff experience The Breedlove & Associates team has more than 80 years of collective household employment payroll, tax filing and HR experience across all 50 states.
twitter BreedloveAssoc
facebook Breedlove & Associates fan page
YouTube Breedlove channel

We’re proud members of Association of Premier Nanny Agencies and the American Payroll Association.
We specialize in handling all the financial, legal and HR aspects of household employment so busy families can be free of work and worry.

Our nannies are trained to take special care for a newborn from 0- 3 months old. The nannies are expert in feeding, breastfeeding, nutrition and other care practices; they are also expert in handling premature babies, sleep, and other issues. The nannies care is not only restricted to the babies they take care of new mothers as well. For the senior care click on the link The Bitcoin Code to get more information. 

Add your review in the comment section below. Click here for a quick look at the rules.
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Advanced Job Search Boot Camp

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten several emails from experienced nannies who’ve hit a dead end in their job search. They’re great caregivers with a lot to offer, they’ve updated their resume and are hitting the proverbial pavement but they just haven’t been able to find the kind of job they want or need. The question that keeps coming up is “What else could I be doing?” Time doesn’t allow me to work with each nanny individually so I’ve created a December class that focuses on creating a custom search strategy that works.

If you’re an experienced nanny actively looking for a job and want to be in the best position for the January hiring opportunities – it’s one of the best times to find a job! – then don’t miss your chance to optimize your job search efforts.

n my job search boot camp, you will get tips on your resume from a former recruiter, you will be learning how to take the first step to find the job you love. We will discuss your personality where it is lacking and need to work on to get your dream job. Olymp Trade will give you a clear idea about the boot camp. 

My unique approach is centered on the a nanny search portfolio, a tool I developed through years of working with parents and nannies during their search process. But my approach isn’t for everyone. It requires a strong commitment to being an exceptional caregiver, a willingness to think outside the box and readiness to hone your presentation materials and interviewing approach.

Read what a few others nannies have to say.

There was great practical advice in the text of the lessons for constructing a professional-level portfolio, and for organizing the information in a way that highlighted my childcare-related strengths and experience in my various positions. I found the “Position Details” page particularly effective. The critiquing of my drafts (of the various sections) was also extremely helpful to me in making the portfolio the best I could create. I credit this portfolio with landing my current, excellent job. I was the only candidate that my boss even wanted to interview, and after I accepted the job she told me she had planned to cry if I hadn’t accepted it.

~ Janice St. Clair, career nanny, founder Boston Area Nanny Support Group

The step by step guide and exercises laid the groundwork for me to not only write a great portfolio but also to really envision the kind of position that will make me happy and fulfilled. Getting one on one honest and constructive feedback means that when I was ready to show my portfolio to potential families and agencies, I was putting my best foot forward right from the start. There are so many nannies looking for work, I know that having a specific, well organized portfolio, one that really captures my personality, sets me apart from the crowd. Having someone in your corner with so much experience and an eye for what parents are looking for is invaluable.

~ Sue Downy, 20 year nanny and owner of

I think my Nanny Job Search Portfolio got me my current position. I interviewed for 7 months and had good responses but my experience changed as soon as I made a Portfolio! Thank you!”

Danyel Equality Bailey, nanny from RI

The three week class includes:

1. The Nanny Job Search Portfolio e-book

2. Top Notch Interviewing Skills e-book

3. three live webinars – Sundays December 4th, 11th and 18th @ 5 PST / 8 EST, focused on:

• creating unique written presentation materials

• advanced interviewing skills

• developing a custom job search strategy

4. two live Q and A calls, great for review of material and conversation “How do I say that?” scripting

5. unlimited access to online discussion group for support and brainstorming throughout class period

To participate, you must:

• have at least 5 years of nanny experience (if you don’t meet this requirement but feel you’re still a good fit please contact me directly)

• have a working knowledge of fundamental interviewing skills

• be willing to invest time and energy into optimizing your written presentation materials

• be open to new ideas and strategies

The package is $69.95, $49.95 if you’ve already purchased the Nanny Job Search Portfolio e-book. IMPORTANT NOTE: The class requires a minimum enrollment of five. If you’re interested, send an email to by November 30th with CLASS in the subject line. If enough are interested, I will send registration / payment instructions.

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Join Us for an Event in Your City

We’re excited to see The Help! During opening weekend, August 12th and 13th, nannies from across the country are coming together in their local areas to see the movie and enjoy dinner afterwards. Check the list below to find an event in your area. Don’t worry if you don’t know others going. New faces are always welcome!

It is always nice to know the new people from your field of work, by this you will come to know more about new jobs and their way of tacking difficulties and childish tantrums. You will get to know their part of the story and can share yours with them. Learn the facts here now and register for the event.

If you don’t see an event listed close to you, it’s easy to organize your own. Contact Lora Brawley for details and help in planning and promoting your event. Hope to see you at the movies!

If you plan on attending an event, please let your event coordinator know by emailing them directly.

Atlanta, GA
organized by Metro Atlanta Nannies
contact Deborah Brown at
Sunday, August 14th
details TBA

Baltimore, MD (Hunt Valley, MD)
organized by Rochelle Matheson
contact Rochelle Matheson @
Saturday August 13th
3:10 movie at Regal Cinemas Hunt Valley Mall (arrive at 2:45 to meet group) then dinner at California Pizza Kitchen located next to the movie theatre.

Bergen County, NJ
organized by Andrea Flagg
contact Andrea @

Boston, MA
organized by Massachusetts Alliance of Professional Nannies
contact Jennileen Joseph @
Wednesday, August 17th
details TBA

Chicago, IL
organized by First Class Care
Contact Erin @

Denver, CO
organized by Denver Area Nanny Association
contact Christy Ochs @

Detroit, MI
organized by Michigan Professional Nanny Association
contact April Krause @

Durham, NC
organized by Triangle Area Nanny Group (T.A.N.G.)
contact Tracey Chipps through the TANG facebook page

Los Angeles, CA
organized by Westside Nannies
updates posted on facebook fan page

Milwaukee, WI
organized by Northshore Professional Nanny Agency
contact Mary Boyle @

Orlando, FL
organized by Central Florida Nannies and Loving Arms Orlando
details will be listed on their facebook page
Saturday, August 13th
Meeting at noon for a 12:30 movie at Regal Cinema’s at Winter Park Village then to The Cheesecake Factory afterwards for lunch. All interested parties may RSVP via our FB page or contact MARCIA at 407.490.4236 or All who RSVP will be entered into a drawing for a FREE ticket to the show!

Philadelphia, PA (Main Line area)
organized by Nannypalooza 2011
contact Sue Downey @

Seattle, WA
organized by Nanny Biz Reviews and Northwest Nanny Association
contact Lora Brawley of Nanny Biz Reviews
contact Jenny Brown of Northwest Nanny Association
Saturday August 13th
1 PM movie at Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue, WA with a late lunch at Z’Tejas

Washington, D. C.
organized by Metropolitan Nannies


Global Women Workers of the World, Unite! | Working-Class Perspectives says:
August 22, 2011 at 6:20 am

[…] black maids and present-day child care arrangements, consider this: a national organization, Nanny Biz Reviews, organized a series of “Nannies Nights Out” during the days after The Help opened. They […]
: “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and National Nanny Night Out says:
July 3, 2011 at 10:57 pm

[…] Biz Reviews is coordinating a National Nanny Night Out event for opening weekend, to encourage nannies across the US to go see the movie with their local […]

parent resources

choosing nanny care
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screening a nanny
getting started with your new nanny
nanny / family relationship

nanny resources

choosing a nanny job
about nanny care
your job search
job search skills
screening a family
getting started in your new job
nanny / family relationship
being a great caregiver

One size doesn’t fit all. Here companies are rated in categories tailored to their business specialty.

Parents, get your free
e-course Five Steps to
Hiring a Great Nanny

Parents, get fresh ideas on hiring a great nanny delivered right to your inbox.
How Summer Nannies Help Your Family

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Nannies, get your free
e-course Five Steps to
Landing a Great Job

Nannies, get fresh ideas on landing a great job delivered right to your inbox.
How To Ask For A Reference Letter

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Nanny Biz Reviews: reviews and advice to help you get started in your nanny or job search.

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nannypalooza opt Spotlight was created by Sue Downey, nanny veteran and conference extraordinaire. When the National Association for Nanny Care, the organization she co-founded, dissolved in 2010, Sue’s commitment to high quality training at an affordable price remained steady. From that, the idea for blossomed into a thriving website. She offers blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and resource packed fact sheets. She also shares her favorite products and blogs plus connects visitors with the superstars of in-home care. is also the home base for Nannypalooza … [Read More…]

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