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Finding a good nanny may take a long time but never settle with anyone whom you are not satisfied within the first look. For this you need to be patient and imaginative, you should consult with your family and friends before keeping anyone as your kids’ nanny. Here are our few tips to find a good nanny 

  • First, you should decide on what kind of person you want as your child nanny, then figure out the responsibilities that you want your nanny to do. Then decide on the questions that you want your nanny to answer while interviewing.
  • Do some research on your part to find a good nanny ask your friends how their nanny is at work, search for a nanny from nanny training programs, here you will get a well-trained nanny equipped to face all adverse situations.
  • You can advertise your search for nanny online or in the newspaper. You may search for us also we have a very strong database of good nannies.
  • If you are searching for a nanny and not able to take calls from potential nannies then activate your voice message and ask their name and phone number so that you can contact them afterward.

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